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Tripes Farm once formed part of the Manor of Mayfield which in 1080 belonged to Bishop Odo - half brother to William the Conqueror - who was Archbishop of Canterbury,  Earl of Kent, Bishop of Bayeaux and the instigator of the Bayeux Tapestry. Mayfield Avenue, Mayfield Manor (demolished in the early 1930’s) and Norman Close serve as close reminders of this significant time in Orpington History.

Tripes Farm is the only remaining farm in the Parish of Orpington and some of its earliest remaining buildings date from 1540. ‘Tripes’ was once a very large working livestock farm which represented a very important part of local and regional history. It has been worked by the George family since 1911 and once boasted the largest outdoor pig production enterprise in the UK.  

Throughout the early twentieth century, Tripes Farm provided and sold fresh pork to the local community with ‘George’s Famous Farm Pork Sausages’ being one of  the farm’s most well known and loved products. 

Tripes Farm is well known today for its commercial Business Centre and its popular car boot sales which are held fourteen times each year. It is still a big part of the community and retains the 'country feeling' as it is part of the London Borough of Bromley’s "Green Belt".

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