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Tripes Farm
Car Boot Sales - Weather
Welcome to Tripes Farm - Established 1910
C. George & Sons Tripes Farm - Chelsfield Lane, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7RS 01689 876602
The Weather  
Copyright C. George and Sons 2007-17
The   only   thing   that   will   stop   a   Car   Boot   Sale   at   Tripes   from taking   place   is   bad   weather   and   specifically   rain.   As   the   Boot Sale   takes   place   on   a   field   the   conditions   ‘under   foot’   can become   dangerous   and   generally   not   much   fun! As   the   field   is on    a    slight    incline    rain    water    does    actually    soak    away naturally   and   quickly   so   sometimes   if   it   rains   the   previous   day or   over   night   the   field   will   be   fine   in   the   morning   and   the   Boot Sale can take place. Please   check   the   Boot   Sale   Schedule   page    which   is   promptly updated   if   a   Boot   Sale   is   cancelled   but   also   us   the   ‘widget’   to the   right   provided   to   us   by   the   Met   Office   to   get   a   forecast   of the weather.  

This Weather Widget is provided by the Met Office