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Car Boot Sales
Welcome to Tripes Farm - Established 1910
C. George & Sons Tripes Farm - Chelsfield Lane, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7RS 01689 876602
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General Information Tripes   Farm   is   well   known   in   the   region   for   hosting   the   biggest   car   boot   sales.   We   host   14   licensed   car   boot   sales   each   year. Not   only   do   you   get   a   bargain   or   two   ,   you   get   a   breath   of   fresh   air   and   peaceful   views   of   the   Kent   countryside   as   it   has   been for 100's of years. The sales are professionally marshalled and there are on site facilities to make your 'bargain hunting' even more enjoyable. Telephone   01689   876602    for   all   enquiries.   On   a   'Sale'   day   the   number   will   have   a   recorded   message   to   advise   on   the status.   If   you   want   to   check   local   weather   please   click   here    to   enter   our   weather   page   Gates   open   at   7am    for   sellers   and early   birds!   The   majority   of   sellers/buyers   arrive   at   8am.   The   boot   sale   has   no   'closing'   time   but   will   'quieten   down'   around 1pm. For the current season schedule click here  and for current season prices click here .
Boot Sale Updates on Facebook and Twitter If   you   use   Facebook   or   Twitter   why   not   follow   updates   with   regard   to   the   Tripes   Farm   Boot   Sales.   Our   Facebook   and   Twitter page    are    regularly    updated    with    important    items    such    as    opening    status’s,    cancellations    and    other    ‘need    to    know’ information. Use the Links above to locate our social media pages and ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ us.
24 September
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