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Tripes Farm
Tripes Farm - History
Welcome to Tripes Farm - Established 1910
C. George & Sons Tripes Farm - Chelsfield Lane, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7RS 01689 876602
Proud of our History
Copyright C. George and Sons 2007-17
A 'Tripes Farm' delivery van 1920s Tripes   Farm   once   formed   part   of   the   Manor   of   Mayfield   which   in   1080   belonged   to   Bishop   Odo   -   half   brother   to   William   the Conqueror   -   who   was Archbishop   of   Canterbury,   Earl   of   Kent,   Bishop   of   Bayeaux      and   the   instigator   of   the   Bayeux   Tapestry.        A   very   consequential   person   indeed   and   any   property   belonging   to   him   would   have   its   own   importance!      There   are reminders   of   this   significant   time   in   Orpington   history   i.e.   Mayfield   Nursery,   Mayfield Avenue   Mayfield   Manor   (demolished   in the early 1930's) and Norman Close. Map from 1769 showing Tripes Farm The   earliest   remaining   buildings   on   Tripes   Farm   date   from   1540   (Tudor).   It   is   the   only   remaining   farm   in   the   Parish   of Orpington. Tripes   Farm   was   a   very   large   working   livestock   farm   in   the   early   part   of   this   century   and   it   represented   a   very   important   part of   local   and   regional   history.         It   has   been   worked   by   the   George   family   since   1911   and   once   boasted   the   largest   outdoor   pig production   enterprise   in   the   UK.   It   provided   fresh   pork   and   amongst   the   farm's   most   famous   products   were   'George's Famous Farm Pork Sausages'. Packet used to package the famous 'George's Sausages'! A wrapper that would have been used to hold the sausages together! It's   neighbour,   Cook's   Farm,   was   an   award   winning   poultry   farm   which   had   the   largest   production   of   chickens   in   the   UK (where   the   Buff   Orpington   originated).   Cooke's   Farm   and Tripes   Farm   had   a   very   healthy   economy   and   were   suitably   placed as   Orpington,   at   the   beginning   of   the   Century,   was   very   accessible   to   London.      London   was   not   only   the   Capital   but   also   the heart of the British Empire. Map from 1908 showing Tripes Farm Tripes   Farm   is   surrounded   to   the   north   and   west   by   the   ever   increasing   town   of   Orpington.   The   Farm      is   well   known   today for   its   Commercial   Centre   and   its   very   popular   car   boot   sales   held   fourteen   times   each   year.      It   is   still   a   big   part   of   the community   and   retains   the   'country   feeling'   as   it   is   part   of   the   Bromley   Borough   Council's   "Green   Belt".      Hopefully,      Tripes Farm will continue to prosper and remain with the George family for years to come........ For further information on Orpington and it’s history please click here  or on the image below.