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Tripes Farm
Car Boot Sales - A Guide
Welcome to Tripes Farm - Established 1910
C. George & Sons Tripes Farm - Chelsfield Lane, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7RS 01689 876602
Car Boot Sales- Prices  
Sellerís Tariff Sellerís Tariff
Copyright C. George and Sons 2007-17
Cars    -   Motor   Car,   Motor   Cycle   -   including   Motor   Car   with   three   wheels   or   Taxi,   Multi-Purpose   vehicle,   Motor   Cycles   and Motor   Cycles   with   side   car   with   occupants   selling   from   a   pitch.   This   also   includes   'dropping   off'   items,   removing   your   vehicle from the field and selling from a table. £12:00 + Trailer (+£1.00) Small   to   Medium   Commercial   Vehicle    -   'Escort   Van'   types,   Standard   Height   and   Wheelbase   'Transit'   types,   'Sign   written' vehicles,   Cars   Towing   a   Caravan   or   large   commercial   trailer,   Commercial   Vehicle   derived   recreational   vehicle   (Camping Van/ Caravanette). This also includes 'dropping off' items, removing your vehicle from the field and selling from a table. £15:00 + Trailer (+£1.00) Large Commercial Vehicle  - Non-standard height and Wheelbase Transit types, Sprinter Types, Luton Types, £18:00 + Trailer (+£1.00) Heavy Goods Vehicle  - Heavy Good Class Types, Any vehicles including Bus or Coach with more than one axle. £ Price on Arrival Excessive   Size   of   Plot/Pitch    -   Use   of   the   pitch   'above   and   beyond   reasonable   limits'.   The   'Boot   Sale'   is   not   a   market   and allocation   of   a   'pitch'   (sales   area)   is   given   by   stewards   considering   enough   space   around   a   vehicle   for   acceptable   use   for   a 'boot   sale'.   This   space   is   not   sold   per   square   metre.   Excessive   use   of   pitches   will   be   charged   as   an   additional   pitch.   The licence   that   is   used   as   a   guide   in   governing   the   running   of   a   'Boot   Sale'   makes   clear   comment   about   'market   stall'   type pitches   and   it   is   discouraged.   The   license   referred   to   is   the   'Boot   fair   occasional   sale   licence'.   The   details   of   this   can   be found at the L.B.B. website . Charity   Concession    -   C.   George   &   Sons   will   receive   written   requests   from   official   Charities   (those   that   are   officially registered   in   the   UK)   for   a   reduction   in   'pitch'   fees.   Once   officially   granted,   Charity   Workers   must   ensure   stewards   are   aware of   their   presence   and   produce,   on   demand,   the   appropriate   identification   and   confirmation   from   C.   George   &   Sons   of permission to claim reduction. All   prices   are   correct   as   of   1st   March   2009.    In   the   majority,   they   are   prescriptive   but   the   final   judgement   by   the   Marshall   is final.   The   corresponding   advertising   in   local   newspapers   should   match   those   given   on   this   official   website.   Errors   made   in print by 3rd party news papers or websites will not be fulfilled by C. George & Sons. For more information contact us