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Tripes Farm
Car Boot Sales - A Guide
Welcome to Tripes Farm - Established 1910
C. George & Sons Tripes Farm - Chelsfield Lane, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7RS 01689 876602
Light Hearted Guide to the Boot Sale  
Copyright C. George and Sons 2007-17
1.   Plan   your   selling   visit   to   the   boot   sale   well   in   advance,   check   this   website ,   our   facebook    page,   the   farm   phone   answer message or local papers for confirmation that the sale is 'on'. 2.   Prepare   what   you   are   going   to   sell   before   you   get   here.   If   possible   'price   your   items   up'   so   that   buyers   have   an   idea   of how much your are expecting. 3. Get to the sale early. The earlier you get, the better 'plot' you get. The gates open at 7am  (for traders and early birds!) 4.   Boot   sales   like   any   other   large   retailing   area,   attract   many   types   of   customer   and   seller.   Most   people   are   selling   unwanted items   from   their   houses   and   garages   etc. There   are   however,   traders   that   make   their   living   by   selling   products   at   boot   sales. You   can   more   than   likely   get   very   good   bargains   from   these   more   tradition   traders.   Most   buyers   are   people   that   come   out   on a   nice   Sunday   to   get   a   bargain   or   two. Again   there   is   another   type   of   buyer,   the   collector/trader.   Be   aware   that   these   buyers are   also   making   their   living   by   buying   items   that   they   know   will   fetch   more   money   in   a   shop   or   at   auction.      All   this   activity makes the boot sale a very popular and healthy trading environment. 5.   'Haggling'   Unless   you   'mark   up'   you   items   or   you   'stick   to   you   guns'   people   will   try   to   haggle   with   prices...   this   has   always been the way at boot sales. This is usually very friendly but can potentially offend some people. 6.   Lots   of   buyers   and   sellers   forget   one   important   thing   at   boot   sales....   The   fact   that   most   sales   are   in   the   summer   months, it   is   not   uncommon   for   people   to   get   sun   burnt   or   suffer   sun   stroke   as   it   is   not   always   obvious   that   the   sun   is   so   strong.   Bring some sun care lotion!!! 7.   Remember   that   there   are   no   receipts   or   guarantees   from   the   majority   of   sellers   at   the   sale.   You   must   be   sure   of   what   you are   buying   and   if   its   electrical   get   it   tested   before   you   buy   it.   (There   is   usually   someone   with   a   generator   that   will   test   items for   a   small   fee.)   Disputes   between   buyers   and   sellers   can   not   be   rectified   by   our   Marshall   and   if   it   gets   out   of   hand   the   police may be called. 8.   When   you   step   on   to   the   farmland   you   are   a   guest   of   the   Organiser.   The   land   is   not   a   public   right   of   way   and   is   private land. The Organiser has the right to legally refuse entry or ask any person to leave without reason. 9.   To   balance   up   the   mood   after   the   last   bullet   point,   we   welcome   you   to   the   farm   to   enjoy   yourselves,   make   a   couple   of quid, buy that illusive bargain and soak up the atmosphere at Orpington's last remaining Farm.